Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memphis Grizzlies Dying for Rudy Gay's Return

Rudy Gay's teammates can't wait to have him back.

MEMPHIS, TN - Injured Grizzly Rudy Gay is more excited than anyone by his team's unexpected playoff run, and he can't wait to reclaim his minutes next season. The Grizzlies, who shocked the basketball world by upsetting the top-seeded San Antonio Spurs in round one of 2011 NBA Playoffs, have enjoyed unprecedented success with their franchise cornerstone Rudy Gay sidelined by injury.

The feeling is mutual among Gay's fellow Grizzlies. A sincere Mike Conley lamented, "Before Rudy got sidelined, I was an afterthought in this league. Now I'm a core piece of a postseason juggernaut. So of course I can't wait for Rudy to come back. We're not the same team without him."

Zach Randolph, enjoying his own emergence as a top tier player in Gay's absence, appreciates how his teammate has contributed in other ways during his absence from the court. "Nothing gets our team more amped during a game than seeing Rudy in the stands, dressed to the nines. Man, that guy cleans up good. When he's ready to play again, I'll sure miss seeing him all dapper like that."

Recently surging guard Tony Allen is as eager as anyone to see Rudy Gay reinstated in the Grizzlies rotation. "Can't wait," he deadpanned at a recent press conference.

"I'm a competitor, so it kills me to see my team playing so well without me," Gay told SFF reporters. "All I want to do is get back on the court and lead our guys back to the promised land, most likely around 9th or 10th place."

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